Dreams of a Deeper Green

Anjana Janardhan responds to three new artists’ commissions that challenge perceived notions of the UK countryside as a static and exclusive space and propose new ways of reimagining its legacy to include the stories (and bodies) of those rendered invisible over time.

Right of Way Roundtable on The Cinema of Ideas

Catch up on our panel event where Louisa Adjoa Parker, Alinah Azadeh, Sam Siva, Rhiane Fatinikun and Moderator joined us on The Cinema of Ideas online platform to explore the myths and realities of the rural idyll, the histories, herstories and theirstories of countryside life and examine how different groups of people and individuals have always enjoyed and accessed the great outdoors in myriad and sometimes contested ways.

Who Goes There? by Vron Ware

The sign is surprisingly polite. “Private Land” (and therefore) “Keep Out” (no “please” though, or “if you don’t mind”) but then, in smaller print, “Thank You” (for what? For your understanding?… Read on.

sacred space by Louisa Adjoa Parker

sacred space by Louisa Adjoa Parker it’s a muscle memory, hands rising skyward
like a pair of birds, hairs rising as you hear
the beat, it’s goosebumps then fissures…Read on.